Il Castello

Nestled in the green foothills of Oltrepo Pavese, at an altitude ranging between 430 and 480 meters above sea level, the farm “Il Castello” is a blend of rural architecture and rural nature of high quality and impressive landscape value.

The town is Fortunago, one of the “One Hundred Most Beautiful Villages of Italy” and its fraction is Gravanago, a small rural settlement of medieval origin, perched on a dominant top of the valley with its ancient castle that is still there but no longer property of  the Mario Quattrini farm estate

The Company’s Land Agricola Il Castello

The land of “Il Castello” is about 15 hectares in one of the most beautiful areas of the Oltrepo, hillside, exposed to the sun to encourage the cultivation of the grape varieties Barbera, Merlot, Malvasia and Pinot Noir.
The image on the left shows a section of an estate situated in a natural area of vinicultural interest.
The production of wine is carried out by methods that combine the knowledge of tradition to the knowledge of modern technology to get high quality products recognized in Italy and in Europe.

Technical Company Characteristic


Bottling and Cork Placement

Sq. mq. 98

Living room,
Dining room,
Dressing room,
Dressing room and l Bathroom

Sq. mq 88

Archive room,
Empty room

Sq. mq. 68


Storage and bottles depot

Sq. mq. 68

Wine tasting room,
Equipment store room ( former stable and porch) 

Sq. mq 110

Available free  space ( former barn)
available for residential use

Sq. mq. 84


2 hectares

6 hectares

6 hectares


Wine press,
Bottling machine,
Corking machine,
Tracked tractor with trailer,
Air spray nozzle,
Sulfur dispenser,
Fertilizer spiller,
Lawn mower,
Milling machine