The Winery


In every aspect of this beautiful enclave located on the hillside vineyards of the Pavia countryside, it is possible to taste, breathe and feel flavors and art in the wine production cultivated and produced respecting the environment and nature. Their presence is in the winery work as well as in the whole complex that includes a cellar, wine bar and tasting rooms, a barn and 2 buildings with offices and meeting rooms. The entire venue has been fully and stylishly renewed by a designer architect in the 90’.

In the next pages you’ll be able to see and sense the heart and philosophy of this establishment: committed to the highest standard of wine production and to its basics: simplicity, style and a rooted wine culture.

A well-balanced designer structure of modern and country style provides the perfect surrounding to the state of the art winery with stainless steel barrels on a traditional Italian “terracotta” floor, certified hygienically technological instruments for the wine production  framed in a beautiful and classic original oak tree girder bridges.

The building walls are in plain solid stone somewhere even a meter deep creating a natural perfect indoor micro-climate (warm in winter and fresh in summer) and a suggestive architectural view with volts, passages and corners opening to larger rooms.


The former barn and stable have been recently renewed and turned into a large construction keeping the traditional natural stone walls, gabled tiled roof is now a dedicated space for the wine bottles to be sold.

An elegant and inviting wine bar/tasting room is hosted in a part of the old stable giving a sense of tradition and old times while surrounded by a contemporary design atmosphere.

The room floors are made with typical old style “terracotta” tiles and the walls alternate red briquette tiles with natural stone elements and modern plastered white walls. Smart style tailor-made furniture made the wine degustation bar an exciting experience full of taste and inebriant aroma.

The typical rural architectural charm is evident in every part of the construction, in the view from the windows. The intention to enhance the bond between human and environment, building and nature represents a priceless and precious asset in the protection of the historical farmer’s identity of this characteristic countryside

The attention to details is shown in the indoor finishing and furniture tailor-made and designed to keep a fresh and genuine atmosphere.

The floors are part in stone and part in real wooden parquet, gallery and mansards are also in natural wood (mostly preserved  from the original building renovation), balconies and indoor stairs are in wrought iron, design furniture , curtains and upholstery are handcraft manufactured according to the local style. Wine books tune the welcomed and lucky guests during an extraordinary wine tasting experience among different kinds of wines: Barbera D.O.C., Malvasia D.O.C., Pinot nero D.O.C. e “Merlato”, (from an 100% wine-making  of Marlot vines)  together with some typical culinary product from the nearby farms like salame “di Varzi” and home-made bread.